How to Organize the Glove Compartment

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So today I want to show you how to organize your glove compartment. I want show some of the things you want to keep in your glove compartment as well and let's get started. So first of all obviously you want to have your vehicle registration and all that information handy. And I have this pouch here that is very helpful in terms of keeping things organized and keeping things in one place. So I keep all my paperwork in one compartment here and also I keep spare store credit cards or spare library cards because these are extra cards that I don't normally use but I still need them some times so instead of bulking up my wallet I am keeping them in this separate organizer here. And also I have a pen just for in case you ever get lost or you need to write down directions that you have a pen available and obviously I also keep a notepad inside my glove compartment, but keeping a pen inside a organizer will make it a lot easier when you are trying to find a pen. And also I have a flashlight and also there is something for you to break open your window in case you are trapped in your car after an accident. And also and I have these sort of Swiss knifes just multiple function knife set here. These are all just for in case there is an emergency type situation. Also I like to keep handy a sort of a personal grooming kit in the glove compartment. Sometimes you can be driving to a meeting and the weather is really hot so by the time you get there you are a little sweaty so I am keeping things such as deodorant just for that last minute little touch up. And also for the ladies I like to keep a spare tampon or a pad just in case of those days that you have unexpected situations. Also I like to keep some first aid items here like band aids and some medications. Again just in case of an emergency. And some of the items you might want to think about are a little sewing kit in case you suddenly popped a button or something. This way you don't have to go a meeting feeling embarrassed. Also have those wipes, like these stain removing wipes, just in case you spill coffee in your car and you don't have a spare shirt to change. I just like to take all the precautions I can and this is a great place to keep them. Sometimes I also like to keep coupons inside because I don't always remember to bring my coupons with me but by having the coupons in my car before I go into the store I can quickly check to see if I have any coupons that I can use today. Again, I love, love clear containers because you can see everything inside. I also keep my car manual inside. It just makes more since for your car manual to be inside your car so you can have assess to it at all times. I also like to keep a little air freshener. There are smaller sizes that you can easily fit into your glove compartment. Sometimes I like to just so I can freshen up my car. And also you want to have a pair of sunglasses handy especially if you live in places that are really sunny. These are great for driving safely.