How Long Before House Plants Grow from Tip Cuttings?

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Learn about the timetable for growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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Okay next we are going to talk about how long does, it's going to take to root, generally these easy plants will take about three to five weeks, so there are other plants that take a lot longer to root, but I think most house plants that you find are going to be easily rooted. So these plants were both stuck on the same day, let's see if we can get a plant out. This was done about three weeks ago, so we have a nice root system on this spider plant, beautiful, then I have this wandering jew here, which is a slow, slower growing plant, which , I think, no see I can't even pull the plug out, it's slower, I mean it's growing, it's rooting, but it's not as fast as the spider, so some plants are going to be a fast, some are going to be slower, I think if the plant is a fast grower it should probably be a fast rooter, but then something you never know. Back to pack of Sandra, over a month, not much, it's pretty sad, so, you can see the caulis is happening, but it's not much more, my plants are starting to turn yellow they were once green when they started so maybe I need to try a different method, then this.