Organizing a Supplies Container for Under the Sink

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It's important to be able to access trash bags and sponges at all times, learn an easy method for keeping your cleaning products accessible and organized in this free home cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Then the last kind of category that you should have underneath your sink is your extra supplies. I like to have some newspaper because it’s great for if you have kids around to grab and put underneath them if they’re playing with paints or crayons or you can also use it clean mirrors or glass so it doesn’t leave streaks. We like to have extra sponges and then also trash bags. I like the ones that come in a box because then they don’t start to unravel before you use them. Also, dusting items and things to defuzz your couch can go in a box. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on containers. This is a really easy system that I’ve developed just with using an old container that wasn’t that pretty anymore. It can go under your sink, but it still serves a purpose. This is an old cardboard box and I just pushed the top of the flaps in and it’s a great holding case. We’ve got extra sponges and I keep the real abrasive sponges inside of a plastic container. I’ve also got latex gloves that are one use gloves. Then I’ve got air fresheners and then also vacuum bags at the back. So this is something that’s easy to get into it. It does slide on the surface here and it looks nice and I know all the cleaning products that I own. When you have an organized cupboard that means you’re going to be saving money and not going to the store as much because you have a mental inventory of all the products that you have.