History of Geraniums

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Geraniums are perennial or annual plants that have a long European history. Learn more about the history of geraniums in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. View Video Transcript

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We are here today to look at the history of your geranium; in order for you to keep better care of this nice little shrublet in your garden. The word pelargonium is the root of the word, geranium. In order words, your geranium comes from the family of pelargoniums. Now in Greek, that word is pelargonium, which breaks down to the word pelagros. The reason why this is important is, in the time when this plant was first discovered, before the turn of the sixteenth century, the developing seed capsule, or seed pods, hung down like this, resembling a crane or stork's bill. Henceforth, the new European discovery of this plant was called Cranesbill. Now this tough little shrubby perennial or annual, depending on where you live, took Europe by storm. In hardly any time at all, in just a few years, you saw this sweet little flower in background of some of the most beautiful oil paintings of that time. The Europeans also used this shrubby little perennial for scents, perfumes, sachets, and some even used it in cooking skills. And lastly, some even decided that this was a good little plant to deter mosquitoes. A wonderful little perennial, or annual, to have in your garden.