How to Clean a Plant

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Plants can be cleaned by simply running them under water, spraying them with a light mist or wiping down the leaves with a towel to remove excess dust and debris. Keep and indoor plant dust-free with plant tips from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to clean a plant, or how to clean plants. Now, plants outside do really well, because they get rained on and then they get naturally cleaned. But when you have them inside they get dusty over time, so there's some easy ways that you can clean them. So, the easiest way to clean a plant is to just wash it off, and you don't want to actually, if it's in bloom you've got to be really careful not to break the blooms, so you can mist it. Misting it's a great way to take care of the bloom part. But, if it's the leaf itself is very dusty all you have to do is rinse it off, and you can just use water right out of the tap, or you can spray it if you have a sprayer. And you just spray it down, and that's a easy way. And I always never let water sit right in my plants. I always let the water come right back out. You want to water em', but you don't want em' to sit in water, especially with orchids. And then, when you clean em' an easy way to clean em' is right with a towel. You just wipe em' right off. Like you would be dusting the house you can dust your plants, and you just dust off each one of the leaves. And you'll find that not only does the dust come off , but it's just like washing our face. Our plants love it. When you wash em' off the pores are exposed and they're clean again, and they can breathe much better. And even with smaller plants too I like to wash em' here and there, and just by stickin' em' in the sink and just watering, let water run over them, and then just wiping them off you'll find that they'll do much better. Now, with my larger plants if I have really big plants, or every once every couple weeks I will just throw my hanging plants, my larger plants right into the bathtub. And then, just close the shower curtain and I just run water right on em', and my plants love it. Give your plants a shower at least once a month, and you will find they'll do ten times better. Let the water drain out, and never let it them sit right in water. But, just by flushing them with all that water too they can release a lot of the salt that builds up in the soil, cause' if you water your plants just a little bit at a time, little bit at a time they just kind of build up. So, just by giving your plants a shower; you don't even have to wipe em' down. Just let em' dry out again. Give em' an hour or two to dry out, and you'll find that they will be dust free, and clean, and beautiful.