How to Take Care of Gardenias

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Hello! This is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Wow! We've finally finished the gardenias which is great. The most important job of this, the maintenance. Yes, you've got to maintain the plant or else it will die. Well it is real basic. What else do we need? We got to water it every other day, we've got to be sure we have that acid by adding in the coffee grains throughout you know once a week or so, be sure that the moisture is maintained throughout the year on your plant, check on the mulch to be sure you have plenty of mulch to maintain the moisture. Also, the acid is going to be the food. That is what is going to keep the plant alive; plenty of acid. Water it every other day of course and also check for the mulch in the center that is always in the cone so it is going to maintain the water that is necessary. Another thing, don't forget you've got to weed your flower bed. Not only is it important because it is going to stop the growth of the plant and we don't want that because the more weeds that you have it is not going to look pretty and it is going to delay the growth of the gardenia. Also another thing you need to do and keep in mind is that you got to start continuing to add those grains of coffee so that we can maintain the acid levels at all times. If the flower leafs start turning a little bit yellow, that means we need to little bit of acid so don't forget that. Okay? Enjoy your garden, enjoy your gardenias and this is how we maintain gardenias.