Recycling Moving & Packing Material

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Recycle moving and packing material and get rid of the mess in an eco-friendly way. Learn how to recycle moving materials while moving in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. View Video Transcript

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My name is Abby Jones. And I'm talking about things that can make the process of moving into a new apartment easy and efficient. And so one of the things that can create a lot of clutter as you're moving in are the boxes that you are unpacking. And all the material that you use to pack your stuff in the boxes. So as you're unpacking it's a good idea to go ahead and collapse your boxes. And to put any of the noodles, or bubble wrap or newspaper, or whatever into plastic bags, into trash bags. And find a place in your house. Or, you know, outside your house. Some place where you can put all of those things as you go along. So that'll help keep the clutter out of your new space. And then it'll also make it easy for, to recycle the boxes and the material if you want to do that. Or another thing, what I like to do, where I got these boxes and what I'm going to do with these boxes is actually post them online. There's several places online where you could post things like this. And so somebody else in my community can come and pick them up and use them. Because these, you know, boxes are completely good and, you know, and the noodles are completely reusable. So I prefer to let somebody reuse the ones that are reusable, before they get recycled.