Tricyrtis Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Tricyrtis make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing tricyrtis flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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One of my favorite plants for the shade are Toad Lilies, or Tricyrtis and they're very, very easy to grow. They're native to Napal all the way to the Philippines, so they can grow outside and come back every year from Alaska to San Diego. One of the few plants that can grows in the shade that can grow in almost any climate. My favorite Toad Lily, right now, is Tricyrtis Formosana and it's a beautiful Toad Lily that has gorgeous purple and white flowers. It grows just like an Orchid but blooms in the fall and it has to grow outside, you can't force it inside to grow. So, it grows really well between Hostas and Ferns, underneath trees and will come up and bloom in the fall with a gorgeous bloom that looks just like an Orchid. It's a great cut flower as well. Really easy to grow and the key is wet shade. They want to stay moist, so you don't want to dry them out too much. Tricyrtis Hirta is also a gorgeous Toad Lily that does really well in the shade. It has more of a burgundy with white flowers. And, they're just a little tiny root. So, they're kind of misleading, you don't know what they are though. They're kind of like an artichoke root. So, when you plant them, plant them with the little pip side up about three inches deep and keep them well watered the first summer. Once the roots are established you'll never loose them, but if you let them dry out the first summer, sometimes you can loose them. They are related to Lily of the Valley, believe it or not. Instead of blooming in the spring, they bloom in the fall. They're just a gorgeous plant that belongs in your garden and I love them because they're gothic. They always bloom around Halloween and I just think they are just the perfect Halloween plant. Next, we'll talk about another shade plant, Philipendula.