How to Water and Fertilize Ornamental Grasses

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Your last step that you are going to do to tuck your plant in for winter and to get it growing well is to fertilize it with a organic fertilizer. I usually take about tablespoons of full and I'm going to sprinkle that around the drip line of the plant in a circular motion all the way around. This is a hundred percent organic so it is not going to burn the roots in anyway. The reason why do it in a circular fashion here is so that when it leaches into the soil the roots are going to kind of feed out to where those nutrients are. Your final phase here we are going to soak the plant once again boarding in so that we get all the additional air bubbles out and I usually like to kind of go around in a circle wetting my fertilizer so that it starts to break down and so that the nutrients start to absorb into the soil and leach in there. You want to give it a nice thorough drink. Sometimes you can get to water your plants for a while and so when it is so incredibly hot like this trim bend back once you soak it really well you should be able to leave it alone for quiet sometime and not have to check it for several days.