Organic Parsley Seed Planting

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Organic Parsley Seed Planting - Provided by eHow
There are several methods for planting seeds in an organic parsley garden bed. Learn a few techniques for planting seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok were going to plant these seeds. Were going to get our designated rows here using our sophisticated stick. Now we want these rows to be about seven to eight inches apart. Parsley grows into a fairly larger plant and the more room you give it the bigger it will get and the more leaves you will be able sot get off of it. We are going to open our pack here and sprinkle out the seed. Right here and were going to plant the seeds in the rows. Were going to keep on planting them. Just a few. You don't need many. We want to make sure that they are seven to eight inches apart. Ok and that should about do it.