Benefits of a Hoop House

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A hoop house works well extending growing seasons by keeping temperatures of soil and atmosphere higher. Learn the benefits of a hoop house with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Today we're going to talk about the uses of a Hoophouse. There are many opportunities for growing in here, perhaps limitless. For us, the basic uses are five. The first of which is to extend the harvest into the fall, till the cold winds have come, Halloween has come and gone and everyone's garden is dry and dead, we've got all kinds of greens, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. They can all stay alive in here because of the micro-climate and the heat that's collected and saved. The second use is to enjoy greens through the winter. So we leave, we plant and leave lots of lettuces and spinach, alliums and brassicas, all those delicious stir-fry greens continue to grow right into the winter and we enjoy them and they taste better in the winter too. They're a lot sweeter. The third use is to accelerate our Spring harvest. While everyone else is looking at their seed catalogs, we're cutting Tot soy and Bok Choy and beautiful lettuce and spinach and Arugula and Cilantro. The fourth use is to get our early seedlings going. We have, the entire farm keeps, gets its seedlings going in here and the ability to grow them big and strong in March and April allows us to plant them out in April and May and gives us a tremendous jump on the season and the fifth use is in the summer. In the summertime we enjoy growing heat loving crops, like sweet potato and melons, hot peppers. They thrive in here without the rain and with minimal pests and diseases we can get a wonderful harvest. Figs, peppers, tomatoes, even eggplants we harvest in here in the summertime and then there is one other added value of the Hoophouse and that is this wonderful, warm, sunny environment gives us a place to hang out in the winter and you can't under estimate the power of having a beautiful sunny place to be, to work, to play, have children, home-schoolers and others come and hang out here with me. It's really a wonderful and multi useful little building and I think everyone should have one.