Siting a Hoop House

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Judge a garden or landscape to build a hoop house in the right spot for maximum benefits. Site and build a hoop house with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now lets' talk about where to site your Hoophouse. Well you can't put it on a bog, you cant' put it on a septic system. You shouldn't put it anywhere where flooding or water, surface water is going to be a problem. You probably want to put it on some fertile soil or else you'll have to be building up your soil. If you have a choice garden spot and you want to plunk it right down on there, that will save you some time because the beds and the soil will already be in tact. Conventional wisdom tells us to plant the Hoophouse, East to West, especially in the cold New England climate. Of course that's because we want to collect as much of the perpendicular winter rays of the sun, which come from the South. Here we've chosen the opposite axis. We've planted the Hoophouse, North to South. The reason for that is that this was my choice garden bed with soil all ready to go. Beds already established, plus the contour of my ground was such that I really didn't have a flat place East to West. So I made a gamble that there would be enough winter sun, which there is and that we don't, we wouldn't mind missing out on some of the direct summer rays. So we planted it North to South based upon the fact that the soil was already in tact and that the northerly winds here would come and provide the adequate summer ventilation which is so important to keep this cool house, greenhouse cool in the summer. You also might consider planting the Hoophouse close to your kitchen so that you can get to it and in and out of it on a daily basis. Sometimes multiple times a day and you also need to consider an electric source and water. So these are some of the variables that you'll take into account when your siting your Hoophouse. There is no formula but you want to think carefully about how to site your Hoophouse.