How to Organize your Closet

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Ok, whenever I go and take a look at somebody’s closet, this is normally what I normally see. It’s all the clothes, mish-mashed together and crammed in too much. Lots of empty hangers, hanging out of there, too. The first thing you want to do is, like anything else, get rid of all the extra. So just take all the extra hangers that are in there, take out clothes that you no longer wear, definitely need to go. Yep, maybe…these can definitely go. Sweats are a no. You can see that this person has a lot of denim. So, the second thing I’d do is try to group all like items together. Take them off the hangers, make sure that they don’t need any alterations, or any missing buttons. Because the worst thing is pulling out your last pair of jeans and when everything else is in the wash and realizing that you’re missing a button, or the hem needs to be fixed, and then it goes back in the closet. And sizes that don’t fit, definitely don’t keep. Keeping clothes that don’t fit out of guilt is a terrible thing to deal with every morning. So just get rid of the clothes that don’t fit and deal with what you do have. And whenever you do get back to that size, put it back in the closet. But if you only have this much real estate in your- closet real estate so to speak, you don’t want to load it up with things that you never wear. Just keep it to daily items that you’re referencing all the time. If you shirts that have a wide neck like this- mostly ladies are the ones that have these- and they’re constantly doing this and falling onto the floor in the heap down there, there are many, many types of hangers that you can use. So just play around with the hangers that you may already have in your closet; you may find one that holds the shirt a little better than the one you were currently using. Some hangers have rubber grips at the shoulders right here which prevents shirts with slippery material from falling off and ending up in the heap of clothes and shoes down at the bottom there. So I think this will work pretty well. Alright, so we’ve went the items in the closet and we got rid some of the clothes, and what remains here is a much better spaced out closet. Now, I put all the jeans- all the like items together, basically. All the jeans are together, all the white shirts are together, some of the blacks are together, and everything that’s kind of mish-mash and not really any particular colors here, too. So you can see, also when you go shopping, what you do not need anymore of. You definitely do not need anymore jeans, or any more white shirts. Now I put these shoes up here. If you remember these are from the segment on organizing your shoe collection, so we have the shoes up there with the pictures on front, and I think it just really helps clear up what you really have and gets rid of the not knowing phenomena.