How to Organize Your Photos

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Organizing photos is best done by separating them out by vacations, each child, holidays and other events and placing them in designated photo albums. Flip through family photographs easily with housekeeping tips from a tidy stay-at-home mom in this free... View Video Transcript

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Ok so now I'm going to show you how to organize your pictures. What I do is I take my photos to get developed and when I come home, I put them in two separate packages. One is photos that I keep, and just put in a regular photo album. The second are photos that I keep to scrapbook with. Some people like to store their photos in a shoe box, but I find that just keeping them in the container that they came in from the store keeps them more protected. And it takes up less space. So we also for our photo albums we have a photo album just for our family. And we have a photo album just for vacations and each one of our children has his or her own photo album that we chronicle their whole year from their birthday on. So we stay very organized with our family pictures. What we also can do is for most of us who have digital photos, we can download those into our computer and we can designate different folders for our pictures. We can have a folder just for our family, each child can have his or her folder. We can have a folder for vacations and for holidays and for special events. So these are ways that I have used to help organize my photos and I hope you can use those too.