What Do You Need to Grow Hydroponics?

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To grow hydroponics, one needs water, containers, tubes, sponges, lights and a hydroponic plant. Start growing various things in water without using any soil with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about what is needed to grow hydroponics. Now hydroponics is just growing plants in water. Not using any soil at all. And so the plant root grows right into water and produces fruits and vegetables and you don't even need any earth or anything for it to grow onto. So basically you need water, you need some type of container or tubes or different types of planting material. A lot of times sponges are used instead of soil. And even then, a lot of time gravel is used or you can just put it right into water itself. And so there's many different systems. You need lights. So there are two different types of lights that are generally used. Now when plants are growing, they do best with the metal halide lights and that's blue light which is a cool light. It's going to keep them on the cool side. They're not having really intense heat so they're growing more at a natural stage. Whereas to get flowers, you want to have a high pressure sodium light which is usually on the red spectrum. So it's going to be much warmer and it's going to force the plant to grow much quicker and it's going to produce flowers. Because you need the flowers to have the vegetables and the fruits. And when plants are stressed, when they get really hot, they think it's the end of summer, they will produce their fruits and their seeds so that they can survive for the next year. And so you have a combination of the blue halide with the red lights in order to have a good crop of any type of hydroponics. And so just by having the right lights, the plants and water and a growing medium which is just a container generally, you too can grow hydroponics.