How an EarthBox Cover Works

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An EarthBox cover helps keep your EarthBox ready for planting. Find out how an EarthBox cover works in this free video on gardening with an EarthBox. View Video Transcript

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For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas "Mr. Green thumb" talking about the Earth Box. One of the things that makes the Earth Box so much different than any other way to grow is this cover. Now this cover can either be white side or you can have it black side, either side can be up. Typically most of the year it's going to be black side up and it's going to help hold the moisture. Now you can see this particular cover kind of fills over this filler tube, over on the side and then it kind of stretches along the edges and we're actually going to cover over. Now why do we want to cover over? We don't want too much water getting in to the box for one and secondly, we want something that's going to help to hold the water into the base. If we can keep it from evaporating up through with this cover than we are doing the job and you can see that this cover is going to be something that can cover all the way from one end to the other and we're going to do that in just a few minutes here but this cover is something that's easy to work with and it's going to be real fun to put your plants up and through and keep them hydrated. For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas "Mr. Green Thumb".