Prepping the Azalea Plants By Loosening Roots

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How to prep the azaleas by loosening the roots explained by a horticulturist in this free botany video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. Today I am representing Our next step is discussing plant preparation. Plant preparation basically is that we are going to be preparing our Azaleas to be ready to be planted. When they are in a 1 gallon container, all the roots are just crammed and we need to loosen that. What we are going to do is just grab the container, apply pressure around it, so it is going to help you pull the plant much easier. So now we gently pull the plant. There we go! That‘s beautiful! Just hold it. You see how all the roots are real tight will need to loosen the roots. What we are going to do is apply pressure, slightly; there we go, just be gentle! Turn it around, loosen up the roots, there we go! That is what we need and this is part of plant preparation for the Azaleas and that way they will be ready for the next step.