Types of Geraniums

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The family of geraniums is divided into six basic groups. Learn about the different kinds of geraniums in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. View Video Transcript

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The definition of a geranium is an upright perennial or annual of the herbaceous family. Now when you take look at your classic geranium leaf, you'll notice that it is a scalloped, kidney shaped leaf with a defining color or margin on its leaf. Your family of geraniums that you can find in your local nursery and or home center is divided in six basic groups. We have: the angel, the ivy or the hanging, the regal, the unique, the shrubby, and, of course, your very classic shaped flower of your zonal geranium. When we are talking about the geraniums before us, it is important to note that we have taken a certain characteristic usually shape of leaf mostly shape and color of flower. We've taken that desired characteristic and bred it throughout so that we have a continual form of that characteristic that we desired, generation after generation. Now it?s important to note here to that we're only talking not about the wild varieties, again, only the ones that we have developed.