Organizing your Dog Bathing Equipment

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Learn how to organize your dog bathing equipment to make your pet's bath time go smoother in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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Alright, if you’re going to go ahead and give Fido a bath yourself because maybe he really needs one, there’s some supplies you can keep on hand to make it a lot easier on you and on him. Now, I would first of all get a bin that will hold all your supplies and will also sit underneath your bathroom sink or wherever you normally give Fido a bath. And here’s some essentials that I keep on hand. First of all, get one of these which is a shower head. This attaches to almost any standard sized shower- only takes a second or two to install. Comes with parts and everything, and it’s really helpful when it comes to having bend down and get all the hair and shampoo and things from underneath them and on their legs and paws and hindquarters and all that stuff.. So that’s very helpful. Secondly, you can get a little scrubby brush to get right into their skin and scrub the suds right in there and make sure they get all clean. There’s a side for shorter hair breeds and longer hair breeds as well. Also, something I find very helpful and highly recommend are these- I guess I call them bathtub tethers. Yes, that’s what the label calls them. And these available at your local pet store, as are all these supplies. And these basically suction the side of the cup. And these things come out and will link onto the end of your dog right here. So that way, if you need to step away from them while taking a bath maybe to grab a towel, or to grab the phone—if my dog’s like your dogs, they’ll run out and take any opportunity they can to shake suds all over the walls. So this will really help keep them in place. Remember you can’t stick them there and leave them there for an extended period of time- just for a second or two. That’s also very helpful. And while you’re giving a bath, you can get these little toothbrushes, and definitely do not put any kind of toothpaste on there but they sell some doggy paste which makes it a little more palatable for them. You can give there teeth just a little scrub as well. Also, before you begin- test all your products, check all the expiration dates and make sure they’re not expired. Doing a sniff test, unfortunately, is not going to be a good answer to whether the products are expired. If you can’t remember when you bought them, it’s probably time to get some new ones. I’ve got some ear cleaner, some shampoo, it all works really well. Also, when you’re draining your water out of the tub or even before you begin your bath, just put this at the bottom to catch all the pet hair, especially if you have a long hair breed, and those can be really nasty to take out later. Last but not least, keep a treat in there for Fido, so when you’re done you can treat him and next time maybe it won’t be so bad for him.