How to Organize Recipes & Cookbooks

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When organizing recipes and cookbooks, compile loose recipes into a single binder or journal and keep all cookbooks in a cupboard with the bindings facing out. For better organization in the kitchen, keep recipes and books together with housekeeping tips... View Video Transcript

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Now I'm going to show you how to organize your recipes in your cookbooks. My favorite way to organize a recipe are with the cookbooks where you have just blank pages in there where you can use your clip and keep recipes. Or from recipes that you get from friends or family. I've organized mine in main dishes, then side dishes, then breakfast items, beverages, and desserts. Or you can get these that have the dividers already there for you so all of that work is done. You can just put your recipes in there that you would like to clip and save. And it's easy because you get to see each one without any problems. Or you can get store bought cookbooks which I have plenty of those, so this is what I do. I have them all on a cupboard. With the bindings facing out so that I know what all my cookbooks are for, and I have them tallest to the smallest so it looks nice and neat. So it's all handy for me, I'm not digging through things trying to find them and I know where they all are. And that's what works for me.