Early Living Room Packing: CD's & Books

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Books and CD's are good items to pack early in a living room. Learn about packing CD's and books early in a living room with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So your bookshelves are definitely a place that you can look for knick knacks and things that you're not going to be needing for the next two weeks. So I can find a couple of knick knacks like this and this little box and the little basket up there that I can take and put with the other knick knacks that I will be packing soon. And then your books. You might have a ton of books especially if you're moving a house. Books are a good thing to start packing two weeks out because chances are you're not going to be reading your entire library in the next two weeks. So there are a couple of books that I know I'm going to be needing or wanting to read in the next couple weeks so I'm going to remove those and then over the next few days I can, or I can do it all at once if I want, I can put my books in the boxes. And my CD's as well. CD's are another thing that I might want to take a few CD's out and then go ahead and pack up all my other CD's. So really the point being just to make, as the days go on between now and my move, there are going to be a lot of different things to do besides packing and just taking care of things in life in general in addition to moving. So anything that I can get out of the way now is best.