Mulching Organic Parsley

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Pine needles are a great mulch source to use in your organic parsley garden bed. Learn some mulching tips from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now that we've weeded the bed. We've covered it. And we've did some transplanting and some thinning. We're going to do some mulching now to keep these weeds from coming back. And here we have a great source. Pine needles. I've got some pine trees on my property. I go underneath the pine trees and rake it up and to use for mulch. And these pines make a great mulch because they last a long time. They also, when they break down, the put nutrients in the soil as opposed to just plain old straw which does last a long time but doesn't have any nutrients to add to the soil. So with these pine needles we're accomplishing two things. Next year these needles will be practically unrecognizable and have added a lot of nutrients to the soil and at the same time have kept the weeds down and kept the soil nice and moist underneath so that it doesn't dry out as fast.