How to Prune Tomatoes After Hot Days

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When pruning tomatoes after a hot day, prune off some of the dead leaves and stems, and water them thoroughly at night once they've had a chance to cool down. Maintain a tomato plant to increase fruit production with instructions from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to prune tomatoes after hot days. Well, we all have these beautiful tomato plants and they are all in bloom and then we get 100 degree day, and it just seems like they get sunburned and just beat up. And you're thinking, "I lost my plant!" But there is hope, and tomatoes are very resilient, and so by just pruning them back and pruning some of the dead leaves off, you'll find they'll grow much better much quicker, and you'll still get tomatoes out of them. So the best time to prune them is after they've hydrated again, so after a really hot day, I wait for the sun to set because in the heat of the sun, sometimes if you put water right on them, it'll just burn them even more. Just wait for them to cool down a bit. And generally, the rule of thumb is to water in the morning. But I found when it gets that hot, I water my plants at night because they need all night to rehydrate because there's no water. So if you don't water them until the morning and it gets hot again, they don't have time to soak up any of that water. So the best time is at night to rehydrate them. Give them lots of water. Then the next morning, once they're real lush, you will see half of the leaves that were all wilty and looked like they were dead, a lot of them will come back to life. It's amazing. So you might have cut them out if you didn't give them a chance. By just rehydrating them, they still might be good. And the rule of thumb is never to prune more than one-third of the plant out at one time. So even after the heat, if you just cut every third branch out or cut the stems down one-third. Cut all the sunburned leaves out or the real beat-up leaves out, you will find you'll still have something left of your plant. And by pruning it, you're leaving the other ones that are remaining that are still strong even stronger because then they can get more energy and they will regenerate and they will survive. And then they will produce more tomatoes for you, even if it's not hot or hot -- it doesn't matter. Your tomato plant will survive and you can still get tomatoes in your garden.