Watering Transplanted Plants

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Anytime that you transplant or divide clumps of any kind of perennial, you need to provide water for them. We had built a drainage system for these containers because this is only temporary until they go to the new place that they are going to be planted in the ground or in a raised bed. The main thing that we are worried about here is that there is drainage, that they are not going to hold water for weeks at the time because they won't be in these containers for that long and that they do have water to keep the plants hydrated. We are just going to water them in just like you would anything else and make sure that over the next days and weeks, however long it takes us to decide what we are going to do with these, that they are kept wet. I am not fertilizing them at this time. They will be fertilized when they are put into the new bedding situation. Main reason I am not fertilizing right now is that I don't want them to start growing inside these containers. I want them to survive and I want them to be stress free if possible but I'm not worried about growing these plants. That will come when we put them in a new home and find a new place for them.