Free Tips for Organizing Clutter in your Home

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So sometimes you’re relaxing, it’s maybe Sunday afternoon, you think you have the house to yourself, and suddenly, you get a phone call. Guests are coming, quickly! What are you going to do? Well, when it’s the last minute like that and there’s no time to spare and guests are on their way, I don’t even bother to try and organize the clutter. Basically just grab a container that’s just lying around, or even an empty tray like this is fine. Don’t even worry about where it’s going or what you’re doing with it- just put everything in there and I’ll tell you what to do with it when you get done. Now once you have everything stacked away like this, go ahead and use as many containers as you need if you have a lot of clutter laying around. Do not put it away where you cannot find it, because as soon as your guests leave, you’re not going to be putting your feet up to relax- you’re going to be going through this stuff to put it away. The reason that I say that is because usually the items that you leave laying around are items that you use pretty often. If you put it away, you’re really going to be stuck when you need that toy, that remote control, or that book. So as soon as the guests go, you know, remember to hide this where they won’t be able to see it, and just focus on the areas where the guests are going to be. If the guests are not going to be going to the bedrooms, don’t even worry about it- just worry about the main sitting area.