Using Geraniums for Erosion Control

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Shrubby geraniums aide in erosion control. Learn how to care for shrubby geraniums in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. View Video Transcript

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Now here are some examples of some shrubby geraniums. The function of these particular geraniums here are for erosion control. But, as you can see, it's a beautiful addition to any rock wall or path way in your garden. Not only do you have the benefit of this very strong, and some say, invasive root system, but you have these beautiful flowers, beautiful leaves. Again, a lovely addition to your home or garden. This particular variety here, and this particular variety here are locally all through your locally found in your nursery or home center. These 2 here on the end would be best used for hanging baskets. Again, properly fed, properly watered, given enough sun, these can give you year round color and beautiful definition in your garden.