Packing Kitchen Plastic Containers

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Plastic containers are good for storing items when packing a kitchen. Get expert tips for using plastic kitchen containers for moving in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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This is the drawer where I keep all my plastic containers for storing food and I recommend actually not packing these any of these. Even if you don't need them for packing food, they can be good things for packing, packing items from other rooms. So, for instance, in my bath room it might be a good idea to use to pack soaps in one of these plastic containers. Or even in within my kitchen. If I wanted to take my dry goods out the bottles that they are currently in and I could put the food in here and then wrap the bottles in something else. So these can serve as a good way to keep things clean as well. And so if you have bigger plastic containers, you can, you can pack napkins in them and dish towels and these sorts of things that you want to keep clean.