How an EarthBox Drain Works

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An EarthBox drain ensures that your plants will die from over watering. Find out how an EarthBox drain works in this free video on gardening with an EarthBox. View Video Transcript

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For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. "Green Thumb". We're talking about the earth box and why it's such great technology. Well one of the most important parts of a good earth box or anything that you’re going to grow in is drainage. The now the earth box is great and it has a drainage hole and this weep hole is important. You can say, "Hi, Boys and Girls". This is important to you because if you got this weep hole any excess water will drain out. I can tell you that a man lost most of his tomato crop because well it just wasn't drained well. He came up with this technology because it would help with the drainage. This little hole here helped produce a whole industry. Forty acres are now in one tomato growing area using this technology and this hole is the main reason that the earth box was developed. You have to have good drainage. You know that to much water can kill a plant. Not enough water can kill a plant. The earth box is fantastic technology because it has exactly the right amount. For on gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".