How to Grow Peony (Paeonia - Herbaceous)

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Peony plants like to grow in cold climates, have a massive root, and takes 1 to 3 years to bloom. To get good blooms, plant peonies in the right climate with tips from a gardening specialist in this free video on plant and flower care. View Video Transcript

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This is Yolanda Vanveen from Next we are going to talk about how to grow peonies, one of my favorite late Spring blooming plants. Now Peonies or Paeonias however you want to pronounce it are a beautiful plant that does really well in full sun. Peonies really like cold climates so even in the Northwest I am finding they do better away from the house where they can get a little bit colder in the Winter and even places like San Francisco sometimes they are not keeping blooms on them any more because it is not getting cold enough in the Winter for them to have a dormant enough period of time to get good blooms. So the trick is to make sure and put them in some place where they are going to get a little bit colder. These peonies are done blooming. They have bloomed from May to June and they were just gorgeous this year and now the foliage is starting to die back a little bit but they still look good and I'm just going to leave them there so as long as the foliage is green I'll leave them and in the Fall you can already tell that they are turning colors and they make Fall colors that are just gorgeous. So the key is making sure that you put them in full sun. Peonies have to be really crowded and have to have a massive root system to bloom so sometimes when you plant them you have to wait one, two, even three years to get a bloom on them so you've got to be really patient with them. So start with two or three plants crowded together and you'll get a bloom much quicker or if you start with one just be patient with it. So the peony is just a root. It is like a branch almost. It looks very woody and they have these little eyes towards the top so the key when you plant peonies is not to plant them too deep because you only want to put them one or two inches above those eyes because you put them five or six inches below and they'll never bloom because they really need to be barely under the dirt to get good blooms. So when you turn around and plant them the key like we said is don't plant them too deep and make sure they're in full sun and be patient with them because it might take at least two to three years to get a bloom but they are one of those plants that is worth the wait because once you have got them blooming, they'll be blooming for the next 50 years and they'll be an incredible addition to your garden.