How to Grow Geraniums

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It seems like geraniums are in every persons perennial garden you have your hot purple one's, you have your pale pink one's, your small one's, your tall one's. This one Roxanne is probably maybe 8 years old and this particular plant as you can see gets large huge probably this plant is 3 years old and it sends out these great that are actually a blue flower from the month of July to probably frost. It would keep growing and growing and the way to control this is when I think it is to large I just come out here with my pruning clippers and just give it a hair cut. I would clip these branches all around, just give it a hair cut where ever it needs trimming. If it gets to big for this area it would just grow back again. So you can just clip it anywhere you would like to clip it to shape it to what you want. If I have this plant coming I don't want it to close to over there I might clip this branch right here and then it would control it from growing everywhere. So Roxanne is probably my favorite geranium of all the geraniums that there are.