How to Grow Boltonia

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Learn how to plant and care for boltonia in this series of greenthumb gardening videos from our year-around garden expert. View Video Transcript

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In the fall when most of your colors from your summer flowers have disappear one of those plants will suddenly come into being the proudest plant is this one right here the boltonia. As you can see there is no flowers on there yet, it's probably going to be starting in about 3 weeks. One thing that I like about it is that it stands so straight there are not support here, not fences, it is nice and tall, never bends over, and probably another month there would be 1000s and I'm not kidding when I say 1000s of little tiny like daisy flowers all over it. It would be like a white mound. It is very easy to grow, it is easy to give a way. I actually slice off pieces of these out of the ground and give it to my friends. It is nice to have in the corners of garden cause it does get to be very tall and what I often times would do is put 2 plants together. This other plant right in front of it is going to be a dusty purple color it is similar to the summer annual called ageratum so this purple would get to be about this tall surrounding with these white daisies it is a very nice color scheme right here so the boltonia plant is a great one.