Adjustments and Usage of Hose End Lawn Sprayers

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This hose end sprayer has a few features and adjustments that you can do to make sure that your application is correct. One of the things it has is on the very top it has a list of numbers it goes 1 2 3 4 all the way up to 7 and then it jumps to 10. In this configuration that number when it's over this little brad sticking out here which also has an arrow mark above it. It means that there's a one there that means there's one tablespoon of whatever is in here going to every gallon of water that passes through this little sprayer nozzle right here. If you want to adjust that and change it to teaspoonful there's a little Orpheus right here you probably can't see that little hole. But trust me there's a little tiny hole in the end of this little brass fitting that I have in my hand. You unscrew it before you get any pesticides in there naturally. You unscrew the container and you take that Orpheus and you stick it in the end of the suction tube. This thing has a screen on the end of it, this is what sucks the chemical up and it allows it to intersect with the water passing through the nozzle. You stick it back in there and you changed this number from tablespoonful to teaspoonful. So now when you trigger this thing every gallon of water that goes through the sprayer it's going to get one teaspoon full of the chemical or material that's in the pesticide container. It also has a several different ways to spray this deflector right here will allow you to spray a large fan spray, a fine spray. You can spray it up if you were working on a tree or you can turn it over and spray down if you were working on the yard. Also if you're trying to spray a tall tree you can pull it off and it sprays a tall stream of water out of this hole here. It sprays quiet high depending on how much water pressure you have it will spray quite high. All the time it's mixing whatever you're setting is here, the amount of chemical in each gallon of water that you preset.