How to Grow Alstroemeria

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Growing Alstroemeria plants is done by not cutting out spent flowers but pulling them out which makes Alstroemeria thrive. Get a beautiful Alstroemeria garden with proper stimulation tips from a gardening specialist in this free video on plant and flower... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from Next we are going to talk about how to grow Alstroemeria or Princess Lilies or they also call them Incan Lilies and they are a beautiful plant from Peru and they have beautiful purple pink and red flowers that look kind of like tiger stripes on them and they bloom in the Summertime. They are just a beautiful cut flower as well and they are easy to grow. They like full hot sun is the key. They are a very unusual plant. They are considered a bulb and they are just this little fleshy tuber and so as long as you have any pieces of these tubers you plant them at least three to four inches deep and they grow these gorgeous plants. This one just got done blooming so the trick I've found with Alstroemeria is don't cut the spent flowers out, you actually pull them out so see how these are all done and these are new growth. You actually pull those out and what happens is it stimulates the growth to grow new plants so the best thing you can do for them is to actually pull out the spent flowers and then they'll grow some new ones and that way they will keep growing. So they are real easy to care for but you kind of have to be careful because if you have allergies, some of the chemicals within the plant I notice will give me a rash here and there so you kind of have to be careful with them. So in the ground they are usually fine in full hot sun but in the pots you have got to protect them in the Winter so make sure that stays dry in the Winter and I will probably throw it in the greenhouse and it will come back for years and years. It is a great plant.