Planting Salvia in Holes

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When planting Salvia, it's important to keep the plant as straight as possible. Learn how to place Salvia in holes with this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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Now I take the plant. Set it in as straight as possible. Hold it with one hand and then fill the hole up again, pressing the plant in a little bit so it has contact with the soil. So, in case you are going to a more formal look, you remove all the grass around it. But, I prefer the natural look. So, I did not remove too much of the grass. Ok, at the moment it looks a little bit higher, but by the time it settles it is just the right amount of soil. So, that is it. Then, of course, now I need to water it. I can have a little ditch around it so the water can go in and does not run off. You see. And this pile will be gone after a few days because the soil will settle.