Organizing the Entertainment Center

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron, a professional organizer and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be talking to you about setting up a home entertainment system that is really easy to use and nice to look out and well organized. So the first thing to think about is get a piece to house your media because that way it’s going to hide all the cords and all the small items like remotes and cords and DVDs, CDs that go into and entertainment system. So this one is great because it has doors that open all the way out for everybody to be able to see the TV from all places in the living room. Then it’s got a shelf, which really maximizes space so that you can use up this entire unit. It’s great to put any type of books up here that are inspirational to you or that might have to do with the entertainment business or industry referrals or TV guides, anything that has to do with television or it can be leisurely reading too. Then a small stereo can fit in here or at least the base to it, so that way your DVDs are here. Then also I’ve maximized space so that all of the remote are kept in one caddy and so that you’re not searching in a couch for a remote to the DVD player. This is deep space that can really be used well. The television, even if it doesn’t fit all the way out to the corners of your home entertainment center, you can use this extra space for things like photo albums to share with people when they come over. I have one on either side right here but you can also get something that’s taller. Then it’s important to have another space for your DVD or your VHS tapes or if you have a TVO and then also at the bottom to have 1 or 2 or 3 drawers depending on how many DVDs and CDs you actually have. Next, I’m going to be talking to you about what we can do to organize those media drawers so that they don’t like a cyclone when we open them up.