How to Organize Your Tupperware

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I want to show you how to make the most out of your Tupperware and plastic ware in your kitchen. So the first thing that you should remember is that Tupperware should really go in covered and not in a drawer because when it’s in a drawer we have to dig and we really can’t find lids. What happens is the lids go at the back and kind of drop off the back edge of the drawer and then you can’t find them or they end up hanging out on the shelf below them. So you should really use containers within a cupboard. The first thing to remember in organized Tupperware is that you want to make sure that all your lids match your Tupperware. I can already tell that there’s a problem right here because I have so many lids and I really don’t have so much Tupperware. So every couple of months because we throw out Tupperware then we forget that we actually do that or kids might be throwing it out at school and so you just make sure that all your lids match what you have. Like I can see this doesn’t match anything, well you need to purge that. Then you can also keep lids to grab and go coffee mugs that go in your car in with your lids also. You want to make sure that everything has a home and everything fits your Tupperware. If it doesn’t have a partner then you get rid of it. You can always stack the bottom bits to your Tupperware in the Tupperware it self. So big goes with big and then you can smaller inside. I reuse all these little salad-dressing things because they’re really great for packing lunches. So the smaller items go on the shelf next to it. I also keep next to Tupperware, I like to keep microwavable cooking items such as an omelet maker or an egg poacher because we cook in the microwave with Tupperware much more often that using regular glassware and cookware. Then the last thing that you should have next to your Tupperware is a container that you can house any blender fixings, any blades, any lids that go with the blender right like that. A lot of times you blend something up like a smoothie or a drink and then you take it to go in one of your to go cups. That’s some ideas to help you keep your Tupperware nice and orderly.