How to Consolidate Hair & Beauty Products

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Learn tips and techniques on how to organize and consolidate hair and beauty products in the bathroom of your home in this free video on home organization. View Video Transcript

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One great tip on how to maintain your order after your bathroom is organize and which also can be used in the organizing process is called product consolidation and this so easy to get a hang of. Once you learn it, you will always do it. So it just takes a small funnel that you can get and you know this is just combining like with like so that we are not keeping big bottles of products with only you know a smidge in them but we are also using up all of our products, so we are not being wasteful. So all you do is just stick the funnel in one and then you can just drain out the lotion or whatever it is from the other one and then when you are done, you can recycle. This is just kind of like what they do you know consolidating ketchup and stuff in restaurants and then another idea too is you know if you are getting kind of low on Q-Tips for example and you don’t want to keep this big container, you don’t want to keep two of these containers, just take out the Q-Tips from the other container that is not so full and then you put them in the newer container and then use are just left with one.