How to Tell if a Plant Needs Water

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All right this is a example of a plant that has been under watered. And from what you can see it is very wilted. The soil is starting to pull away from the sides of the pot. The roots are starting pull away from the side of the pots. The leaves are starting to turn brown and starting to die. The roots actually they don't look so terrible. They are starting to turn a little brown. This plant is obviously pretty forgiving of being under watered. More plants are forgiving about being under watered than over watered and I think if I watered this plant and I picked up some of the dead stuff, I think it would look. If this is done repeatedly over time, the plant will decline and it is not going to look very nice. These are some lavender plants that I pulled and put on the bench over a week ago and I let them dry out. You can see they are looking pretty dead. This one I stuck in a glass of water yesterday to see if I could revive it and it looks like there could be possibility of life. I see there is a branch that is still alive. I could save this but the roots are brown, not looking too good. It would take a long time to recover and make this into a nice plant. Maybe it is better to just start all over.