Moving Items That Do Not Need Boxes

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Some items can be moved in a car if the moving distance is short. Get tips on moving items early that do not require boxes in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Since I'm moving within the same city and really not that far away, I don't have to put all of my things in boxes because I can take things in my car and they don't have to be completely packed away. So several things that aren't fitting in the boxes that I've packed or that seem to be like an awkward shape or size or would make a box really heavy if I added anything else to the box, I'm just keeping out and I just plan to carry those things over to my new apartment without a box and maybe put them in a bag or something like that. But, anyway, I've been collecting those things on this shelf. And the value in collecting those things all in one space is that, a trap that I've fallen into before in a move, is that I'll leave a lot of things out. I'll say "Oh, this doesn't need a box..Oh, that doesn't need a box", and I'll just keep leaving them out and I don't realize how many things I'm doing that with. And so when the day of the move comes it ends up being more of a pain than if I had just gotten a big box. And so this allows me to kind of see the things that I'm planning on moving individually, and again, keeps them kind of out of the way of the space and helps me just have a little bit more of an organized move.