How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

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Okay I have two specific tools here that are just common everyday things that you will find in your garage. One is a tree saw here; regular old wood saw that I would like to use on plants that is heavily rooted and also an everyday average bread knife from my kitchen. These are really good tools for cutting and making a dice sections here. I am going to take this saw and cut this plant right in half. I am just going to go right down into the middle of the crown of the plant. It is a fairly dense plant and it is heavily rooted. It is probably the most heavily rooted of all the ones that we have been working with today. So really we are going to get sawing in there. This doesn't hurt the plant at all because we've already pre-watered it to reduce shock. short little saw strokes are probably best to really get cutting through. I might even have to put my foot on it like I am chopping a tree. Some are really more heavily rooted than the others. Be very careful to keep your hands free of the saw blade. Okay you can take a pitch fork in something that is as rooted as this to help pry it in half and I am just going to keep working with my saw here and there you go. The grass has been cut in half. I am going to take my little butter knife now, my bread knife. A butter knife wouldn't cut through that. Okay so we have a half section of this grass and you can just see how heavily rooted it is and how tense these roots are and how many of them there are and they all look very good.