Pt. 2: How to Dig Up Ornamental Grasses

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Learn how to dig up perennial plants such as ornamental grasses, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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You make a few little incisions like this and try to work the soil away from the bulb of the plant. I am going to do this all the way around making these cuts. It is good to come out about a shovel's length or 4 inches away from the plant so that you can get as much root as possible. That is the name of the game in plant vision is trying to salvage as much root as you can. Okay once I've gotten a little trench dug all the way around, I am going to go around with this spade again and I am going to kind of do a side dig to get a little bit more dirt away from the plant. I am going to come around this side and do the same thing. I am trying to be careful not to disturb the other two companion plants that are next to it. There's a rock there. Once I've got it fairly exposed and I can start seeing the root system, I am going to switch to my other shovel now.