How to Grow Dicentia

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Now there are many forms of bleeding hearts in the spring time I'm sure you have seen the plants that have actual flowers that look like little hearts. There are white ones, and there is yellow ones and they come out in the spring in little bit shady areas. They are beautiful to look at this time of the year in July they look pretty brown and the best thing to do is cut them back. Now the one bleeding heart that I find that is one of my favorites is this Luxuriant it is often fill with these pink spikes. It has very delicate looking flower probably June again it comes out and it stays really nice though the month of June, probably the first half of July and just now in the last week I think I notice some of these little pink strands are starting to decline a little bit here so the best thing to do with these is basically say good bye for the year. I will clip them back here but you could enjoy the foliage because it would not turn brown yet. Just a kind of little nice plant to stick here. I think I had this plant planted for about 15 years one of the first plants that I have ever bought. I have not ever done much then maybe trim it down a little bit, dig a little bit up and move it. It is one of those nice plants that you want to always want to have.