How to Grow Walking Stick

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One of the more unusual plants that you might see is something called the walking stick and it is basically something that doesn't flower. Not everything has to be really unique because it flowers. I think the reason this is so unique is the shape of the stems as you can see there very turning about, they go in every direction but some how they all manage to fit together and actually it sent out some limbs that have gone in a very unusual direction but I kind of left them that way and enjoyed it. I put it here in this section of my yard cause everything I ever planted here leans to the sun it always leans. This one even though it might appear to be growing perfectly straight which it is if it is leaning to the sun you don't notice that. So I have a feeling that this would work right here and even though it has no flowers on it, it is very appealing and I find what I have done with this kind of a plant is just put some very unusual rocks on the bottom of it. Taking vacation you find those special rocks what do you do with them you but them in the base of some of your unusual plants and they do work together very nicely.