How to Grow Coral Bells (Heuchera)

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Coral Bells are flowers that grow in cold weather, need very little care and can be planted in spring or fall. The Heuchera is a great shade plant that can be easily grown with tips from a gardening specialist in this free video on plant and flower care. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from and next we are going to talk all about how to grow Coral Bells also known as Heucheras or Heucheras and our nickname for them is a hoochie mama because they are just the most beautiful plants in the world. I love the foliage and I love the flowers. They get these bright coral colored flowers that come on a stem with many many flowers on them and they bloom late Spring and they are one of my most favorite plants in the world and this one has a dark foliage leaf that looks good even when it is not in bloom and they prefer shade better than sun and you can plant them any time of the year. They are very tolerant to cold so you can either plant them in the Fall or the Spring. This one is done blooming so I'm just ripping off the dead branches and they are going to bloom next Summer and they are just a root too so if I dug that up I would just find little pieces of root. I can chop it down the middle as it gets too crowded and just start new starts. As long as they are planted about three inches deep. so Coral Bells or Heucheras are a very nice addition to your shade garden. They need very little care and they can survive the Winter outdoors so if you are looking for a great shade plant with bright coral colored flowers that are just a joy to your garden then your hoochie mamas are the answer.