How to Plant Grapes

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To plant grapes, start with a root graft, dig a large hole for the deep roots, provide composted soil, and make sure the plant has lots of humidity. Use a trellis or fence to grow grapes with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about, "How to plant grapes"? Now grapes are wonderful addition to your fruit garden and they grow on a vine. And so when you start a grape plant, you start it by a root. And so you can buy it by a graft, that's actually rooted from another plant or you can buy it in a container already growing. But it'll prove, it'll eventually grow a vine. And so when you're planting that, make sure and really work the dirt around it very deep because the roots will get really deep. So you don't want to plant it right on clay or any hard soil or rocks where the roots can't penetrate because they will grow a quite a large root and you want to make sure they have room. So make your hole at least two feet around and then plant your plant in there and use good composted, earthy soil, something that's really rich and in that way, they'll be very healthy and get lots of nutrition. And when you grow your plants or your grape plants, you want to make sure that they have something to grow onto; whether it's a fence or a trellis or an arbor because they really won't grow very well or they'll just kind of fall over if they have nothing to grow onto. And there's just certain parts of the world where they grow the best. If you think about it, they love the different meadows of France; they like the valleys. They like California, the Napa Valley area; grapes do really well. They love the Willamette of Oregon; they grow really well there too. So if you live in a really cold climate or a real desert climate, you can grow grapes. But they have a little more challenges. You got to keep them moist; but they want humidity, but they don't want to sit in water. So a lot of times if you live in a real, real dry desert condition, you can grow them with plastic around them just to keep them a little more moist. Or if you live in a really cold climate, right in a greenhouse 'cause they don't want to get too cold. But grapes are best to be planted in the fall and that way, they get water all winter long they can establish the root system and starts growing in the spring. And they usually take one to two years even three years to give you a lots of fruits and then you can enjoy them from year to year and make your own wine or grow your own grapes to enjoy in your home.