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Taking pets to a friend's house keeps them out of the way during a move. Learn other ways of moving a pet with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So your pets are another thing that you, of course, want to keep safe while you're moving. And what I'm going to do with my kitty is I'm going to take her to a friend's house the night before my move. And so that she won't be in the way and she won't have the chance of running out the door while we're packing the moving truck. And so that's one way to keep your pet safe is just to take them out of the picture. So that also might be keeping them at a kennel for the day, these sorts of things. If you're moving internationally or out of state or to another city obviously you can't do that because you need to take your pet with you. So a good idea for that is just to keep them in one room in a small space. So if you have a good size closet or maybe a bathroom, that kind of thing, to keep them in that room and to keep that door closed while you're doing all the moving and packing, everything into the moving truck. And one, it keeps them somewhat calm, and two, it lowers the chances of them being able to escape.