Planting the Azaleas

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The best methods and tips for planting the azaleas into the soil explained by a horticulturist in this free botany video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. Today I am representing We are basically going to discuss how to plant in an Azalea. Let’s get our Azalea. This is a 1-gallon Azalea. We gently going to pull it out, there we go, hold it on the side, get a little bit of our prepared soil. Remember we have to keep at least 1 inch above the ground so the roots are going to be able to just grow faster that way. So we insert the Azalea, pull the leafs off; there we go. Add all the soil around it. We don’t want the soil to be tight because when we do that we are forcing the roots not to grow and we don’t want that. They need freedom. There we go. Now looks great. We still have a couple of more to go. We are going to deal with that but this is the way we deal with planting an Azalea.