How to Organize Kids' Rooms

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A kid's room can be organized by dividing up the room in sections and using baskets for toys and shelves for books. A kid's room doesn't have to be a constant disaster and can be kept clean with advice from a professional house cleaner and organizer in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to organize a kids room. The biggest thing about organizing, especially for a child, is just, there is a place for everything. If there are buckets, if there are baskets, if there are shelfs, that the child knows where everything goes, then that makes it so much easy because they can take the item down off the shelf or out of the basket and know to return it. So, what you want to do is a lot of times, divide your room up in sections, like there's a little desk area over here, she has a lot of her jewelry in one area. So the room is kind of divided up, clothes area is over here. So you want to try to keep the areas kind of separated. I will say, being a decorator, I will say that one of the big things is I really believe that the room should be the child's. So, I'm big on the child being able to decorate and use her room the way it works best for her. I have some great baskets here. This is a fairly organized room, but you'll see, like she doesn't have a place for her purses. So right now there are just so many different containers you can find at, I love finding containers at garage sales and flea markets, but then also at discount stores, there's great, great baskets with lining, or these fun little canvas baskets. So, what I'm going to do is just, instead of having her purses just on the floor, I'm going to put them in a fun basket, and also if she wants to, when she comes home from school today and she sees what I have done, she could either draw a picture herself of a cute purse and we could put it on here, and so she could have a little bit of artwork. Or, we could just label it purses. So, this is a fun place where we could just line up some fun, she also has some hats, so just, this just right the foot of her bed. She now has some great places for storage, whatever it may be. These are great baskets, and you can take these and hang them on the wall, and she can also put like CD's in them. Just keep in mind that you want there to be a place, if there's a place for her to put whatever it is, then she will probably, or he will probably put it there. This is Ann Myrick, and that's how to organize the bedrooms for the children.