Understand Basic Garden Irrigation Tools & Supplies

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Plows, hoes and other irrigation and gardening tools allow moisture and air to hit your plant in just the right amounts. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So, let's look at some of the tools, fittings and parts that we're going to be dealing with. Many of these, if not all of them are available from DripWorks, a very convenient catalog, that is very helpful in setting up an irrigation system for you. Tools are all very simple for this, nothing complicated. This is your main supply line, it can be easily attached to a hose fitting, just by pushing that on there, with a little force, it's a compression fitting, no tool is needed, now you're ready to hook up to a hose. You'll see this in use in many of the other systems we're going to be talking about. Here's a straight connector for connecting two pieces of these, these are very handy, a thing I use a lot of, this goes on any hose, on either end and then it's easy to disconnect and connect without having to unscrew and then you can put a wand on, any number of things. You'll see these in use later on.