Plastic Bag Storage

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One great place to store plastic bags is in an old, empty baby wipe container. Learn more about how to organize and store plastic bags in your kitchen with expert tips in this free home organization video. View Video Transcript

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And I still have a couple of shelves left over and what I keep down there, are, are things that I use to store food in once I've, once I've cooked it. And I use just plastic bags, so I'll have those down there on one shelf. And and then, I have this little container that is, it's their, it's a baby wipe container, but I use it to keep plastic bags in, which I don't actually have any right now. But I keep plastic bags that I've use, gotten at the store, I just shove them down in here and it keeps them well contained in here, and, and easy to pull out. So I just keep that down on the shelf with my plastic bags as well.